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Events & Team Building

Planning a corporate event or team building exercise? Our facilities are well-suited to teach novice shooters, strengthen bonds and trust in both colleges and members part of a team.

For more details on what we offer, please call or email us for more details. 

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Membership applications must be filled out and submitted on location at the pro shop.
Please ensure that you have your PAL on hand along with applicable funds or means of payment for the membership on hand before filling out the application. Once your forms are filled out and your fees are paid, you will be given your membership card.
*For non-restricted firearms, this completes your membership process.

For use of all restricted firearms at our range, members are required to possess the rifle membership along with the pistol club membership. After completing the applications, you will be scheduled to complete the handgun proficiency course at a specified date & time. Applicants will be required to demonstrate their safety using a variety of different handguns.
*Handguns and ammunition are provided for the course under instructor supervision.

For safety reasons, we require that all participants engaging or spectating a shooting activity in close proximity wear eye and ear protection designed for the use in shooting sports. You will also be required to bring all necessary documentation with you to the range required by law for transportation of the firearms you’re planning to shoot (PAL, ATT, ownership papers, Membership etc) along with the appropriate cases and locking devices for secure transportation.

Yes we do!
We carry a wide variety of firearms and ammunition supplies on site at our pro shop, along with many other popular items associated with shooting sports.
For information on stock and availability, please contact us.

At Stittsville Shooting Ranges, you are not required to pickup your spent casings/brass after your session. Although if you wish to retain your casings, you’re more than welcome to do so during a time it is deemed safe to do so by the range officer.

*There are small white buckets attached to the posts at ranges #1, #2 and #3. If you wish to help us keep our range clean, you can deposit your centerfire brass casings (ONLY) in those buckets to help reduce clutter as well as provide brass to those who reload.

Yes, you can bring your own targets so long as they are paper/cardboard based and meets the following criteria:

-Is NOT reactive/explosive
-Is NOT a detailed human image target. If you feel your targets of choice falls in this category, ask and show us in advance.
-Official IDPA style targets are permitted
-Zombie image targets are permitted so long as only fictitious creatures are shown, (no humans depicted etc).

-For steel targets, see the below FAQ for more details. Do not shoot steel targets without prior approval from staff.
-Duraseal (ballistic rubber targets) are permitted so long as the stand and the target themselves are approved by staff in advance.

Steel Targets must be approved by a range officer or proshop staff, setup on specified ranges, shot with frangible ammunition only, and shrouded in a wooden box frame of a specific width after being approved by staff.

*Do not attempt to setup any steel targets without asking for approval first.

The following firearms & ammunition types are NOT permitted to be discharged at the range:

-Fully automatic firearms
-.50 BMG ammunition
-Cannons of any type
-Explosive, flachette, magnesium/incendiary or tracer ammunition of any type
-Non-lead shot, or shot larger than #7.5 on the skeet/trap/5-stand ranges (Eg, steel shot is not permitted during skeet shooting.)

Yes, you can setup a chronograph so long as the range is declared safe and you have asked the range officer for permission before setting up.
Please request assistance for alignment if required.

There are absolutely no binary/explosive targets allowed to be setup/mixed on the property whatsoever. This also includes incendiary targets that catch fire when hit as well.

Yes, we do. Ask one of our staff for details on scope/optic mounting at our pro shop.

Non-PAL licensed personnel are permitted to discharge firearms at the various approved ranges as long as those individuals are doing so under the following conditions:

-They are supervised by a PAL licensed individual at a distance not exceeding arms length.
-The PAL licensed individual must own the firearm and ammunition that the non-licensed individual is currently using.

*The licensed individual that is supervising the non-licensed individual is solely responsible for his/her personal safety, and the safety for those around them. They must ensure that all safety measures according to the rules and regulations are met at all times. There are no exceptions made in regards to safety, and it is on the onus of the licensed individual supervising the non-licensed individual that they feel confident on the competency of the shooter.

You can only shoot restricted firearms of any type(handguns, rifles, shotguns etc) if you are either:

-A current member of the Stittsville Pistol Club in good standing
-An invitee of a pistol club member whom is also going to be in close proximity or engaging in the shooting activity with the invitee.
-Attending a sanctioned match at the range with a letter of invitation presented to staff at the time of paying your entrance/match fee.

*In addition to meeting this criteria, you must also abide by the current transportation laws and have all the associated documentation that goes along with it.

NO. You may only carry a holstered firearm on range 4 & 5 and only if you have completed your Black Badge or IDPA holster course with tangible documentation/badges to support it.

You must also obtain permission from the range officer per session to do so, and cannot make any vertical or horizontal movements unless a sanctioned practice or match is in session.

*You cannot step foot off the range past the fence with a holstered firearm. This includes going to your car.

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